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A New Birmingham Transformation Studio Has Arrived

Your ticket to look better, feel better and be healthier.

Watch this short clip to see what makes us different.

Thank you for booking a call with us! We’re thrilled to take this journey towards a healthier, more vibrant you. While you wait for your consultation, here are answers to some common questions and concerns.​

What our clients have to say


"Where are you based?"

We are based in Hastingwood Business Park, Wood Lane, B24 9QR.

"Why is it for women over 30?"

We’re not only for women over 35, but we prioritise those who are committed and share our values of being friendly, supportive, and non-judgemental. Our training programme is designed for those who aren't looking to live in the gym but want to train 3 times per week to get stronger, fitter, and healthier. Our sessions aren't for bodybuilders, powerlifters, or CrossFitters; we're focused on helping the everyday person get fitter, stronger, healthier, and feel more confident.

"I feel uncomfortable and self conscious in the gym?"

We pride ourselves on being a friendly, non-intimidating personal training studio. There are no mirrors, no posing, and we also have a welcoming environment designed to make you feel comfortable and supported. Our focus is on your progress and well-being, ensuring you feel confident every step of the way.

"I'm really busy, will I have time to do the programme?"

We understand that not everybody, has the same 24hrs! Which is why we help you implement an optimal plan based on what you're able to do.

"How do I prepare for the test?"

It is important you read the instructions before coming in for testing. You will receive a PDF about what to expect when you sign up.

"Is the Personal Training 1:2:1?"

Our Personal Training is done in small groups (max 8), which helps foster support and community, while still providing the attention of your own personal trainer. This combination brings about quicker and better results, ensuring you get a plan that’s uniquely yours, with the added motivation and support from a group setting.

"How much does it cost?"

The investment will be dependant on what services you are interested in. We offer the metabolism tests and PT as individual services, or we can create a package around what you need.

"I'm a complete novice, can I still join?"

Absolutely! Our programmes and personal training is designed to be challenging yet achievable. We tailor the intensity to match your current fitness level.

"How quickly will I see results?"

Our focus is on creating lasting change, however we typically see weight loss of 7-14lbs per month. Although this depends on your metabolic rate. If your Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) is lower than normal, your results may be a bit slower.

"What makes you different to other programmes"

Our unique combination of small group training, personalised metabolic testing, and expert guidance ensures you receive a programme tailored specifically to your needs. This holistic approach addresses both fitness and nutrition, providing comprehensive support for your journey.

"What happens during the test?"

A metabolism test is a simple 15 minute test where you sit down and breathe into a metabolic cart. It really is that simple.

"What if I have any dietary requirements?"

Our nutrition plans are completely customisable. Whether you have allergies, dietary restrictions, or just picky eaters at home, we'll work with you to create a plan that meets your needs.

"Is there any payment plan options?"

Yes, you can split up the cost to suit your current financial situation.

  • Will the programme be too hard for me?
    Our 6-Week Programme is designed to be challenging yet achievable. We tailor the intensity to match your current fitness level.
  • I'm not comfortable in a gym environment?
    We pride ourselves on being a none intimidating personal training studio, which is a safe space to exercise from. Our friendly and inclusive community is here to make everyone feel at home. Plus, if you ever want to work out in a more private setting, the exercise programme can be done at home, providing that flexibility.
  • Will I be able to stick to the nutrition plan?
    Our nutrition plans aren't about restriction; they're about balance. We'll help you understand how to make healthy choices that fit your tastes and lifestyle.
  • What if I fail or don't see results?
    Our success is our priority. If you don’’t get results in we offer a place on the next challenge free of charge.
  • Will I have the time to commit?
    We've designed the Metabolic Challenge to fit into busy schedules. With flexible session timings and on-the-go nutrition guidance, your fitness goals can harmonise with your lifestyle.
  • Is this just another generic programme?
    We pride ourselves on personalisation. Your plan will be as unique as you are, based on detailed metabolic testing and tailored to your individual needs and goals.
  • I’m worried the programme might be too extreme for me ?
    We believe in balance, not extremes. The programme is designed to push you enough to see results but not so much that it feels overwhelming. Your well-being is our top priority.
  • Will this programme suit my family life?
    Absolutely. We know family comes first, which is why our program is flexible and can be tailored to fit around your family commitments. We also provide guidance on how to incorporate family-friendly meals into your nutrition plan.
  • I'm not sure I can afford this right now?
    Investing in your health is important, and we strive to offer value for your money. Plus, with our tiered pricing, you can choose the level that fits your budget.
  • I have dietary restrictions. Can I still follow the nutrition plan?
    Our nutrition plans are completely customisable. Whether you have allergies, dietary restrictions, or just picky eaters at home, we'll work with you to create a plan that meets your needs.
  • I’ve tried programmes before and didn't stick to them?
    It's common to face challenges with sticking to a programme. That's why we offer daily support and accountability to help keep you motivated and on track. We're here to help you make this time different.
  • What if I only want to do elements of the programme?
    We are to build a programme around your goals and needs. This may include the metabolism test without coaching, or you may just want to opt for group personal training. This is why we encourage you to book a call with us to discuss what is right for you.
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