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Transform Your Body With Metabolism Testing

Our 6 Week Metabolic Accelerator is a targeted fat loss programme for women over 35 like no other.

Lose Stubborn Fat
Be Proud of Your Body
Know What To Eat

Struggling With Diets & Not Seeing
The Results You Want?

You don't feel comfortable in your own clothes

What worked 10 years ago, doesn't anymore

Generic diets don't seem to work for you

It's not you. It's probably your metabolism. Time for a change. 

What is Metabolism Testing and Who Is It For

You want to lose fat

You want to tone up

You want to be a healthy weight

You want a plan based on your body 

You want a plan that you can stick to 

Particularly effective for for pre, peri and post-menopausal women

Jack Braniff, Owner of Metabolic Birmingham


Get clear on your body's needs and know exactly what to eat with a personalised nutrition plan. 


See a body you're proud of when you look in the mirror and watch your confidence soar.


Live life to the fullest knowing how to balance enjoyment and your nutrition goals. 

Scientifically-backed, metabolism-nutrition strategies for women over 30.


Proven results with the latest metabolic testing technology 

Plans by Top Rated Nutritionist and Author of Fuelling the Functional Athlete Jack Braniff, (Masters Degree in Nutrition)

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The 6 Week Metabolic Accelerator

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The 6 Week Metabolic Accelerator

The Metabolic Challenge is a 6-week fat loss programme ideal for women over 30 who are struggling to see results like they used to.  The programme begins with a metabolism and body fat test. Then over six weeks, you'll engage in receive continuous support via a dedicated app, and work closely with your own accountability coach.

  • RMR (Metabolism) Test

  • InBody Body Fat Test x 3

  • Group personal training or online programming

  • Comprehensive Nutrition Audit

  • Tailored Nutrition Plan

  • Access to the phone App

  • Your personal accountability coach

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Apply Now

Our 100% Guarantee

Not convinced? We're so sure of the effectiveness of our programme that if you follow it to the letter and don't see any weight loss, we'll give you your investment back into your account. You literally have nothing to lose.

How It Works

in 3 simple steps...

Take a
15 minute
metabolism & body fat test
Get a tailored plan based on your data and support to implement it.
Get your confidence back, look and
feel great

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the  metabolism test take?

15 minutes. It's a really simple test that you will take sitting down.

Where do I  have  to go to take the metabolism test?

We are based in Erdington, Birmingham. B24 9QR

Do I need to do anything to prepare for the test?

To ensure your metabolism test is accurate you need to make sure you don't eat anything, or drink coffee 4-5hrs prior to your test. You also can't do any vigorous exercise for 12hrs before your test.

I've tried every diet in the book , will it work for me?

We get it. After cycling through numerous diets without seeing the results you hoped for, it’s not wonder you’re frustrated. However, the key issue often lies not in your commitment but in the generic nature of these plans. Our approach is fundamentally different. We dive deep into your unique metabolic profile, crafting a nutrition plan that's as individual as you are. This isn't about following trends; it's about understanding your body's specific needs and how it processes food, ensuring the plan we develop is the one that finally makes a difference for you.

What if I have special dietary requirements?

We tailor make all of our nutrition plans based on your dietary intolerances and/or requirements. It's suitable for all diet types.

I'm not great at cooking, are the meals complicated?

No. We keep our approach to nutrition simple and data based. By using your metabolic rate to design a plan that will work with your body, we don't need to complicate it.

I'm so busy what if I don't have time to meal prep

No worries. During your nutrition audit we will discuss your lifestyle and any commitments you have so that we can ensure you stay on track even with the hustle and bustle of daily life.

I haven't got a clue what I'm doing. Can you help me?

Yes. We will build a personalised plan that's not only designed for your body but fits in with your lifestyle. We will support you make a sustainable lifestyle change.

When are the group sessions and do I need to attend?

The sessions are hosted at Box Nutrition & Performance, offering an ideal setting for both your initial assessments and the weekly group nutrition sessions. While attending in person is not mandatory, we highly encourage your participation. The structure of The Metabolic Challenge is designed to introduce you to new habits and tasks each week, helping you build a solid foundation for lasting health improvements. Engaging directly with our team and your fellow participants can significantly enhance your experience and results.

Is exercise included

Yes. You can either follow along via the app at home, in a gym near you, or attend our group sessions that are on Monday and Wednesday evenings at 18:30. Wednesday & Friday morning at 06:30 and Saturday morning at 08:00.

Do I need to exercise

No, exercise is not a mandatory component of The Metabolic Challenge. However, we strongly encourage incorporating daily activity into your routine to complement the nutritional aspects of the programme and support overall health and well-being. For those looking for structured exercise support, we offer a range of classes designed to suit various fitness levels and preferences, helping you find the perfect fit for your lifestyle and goals.

How much is it?

The 6 Week Accelerator works out at less than £42 per week. Bear in mind 1 x personal training session usually costs around £30 per hour.

What Your Get

We use a 3 Step System

1. Metabolic Testing

Comprehensive In-House Assessment: Begin your transformation journey with our detailed metabolic analysis.


This includes:

  • Body Composition Analysis (InBody): Get a clear picture of your body's composition to tailor your fitness plan.

  • Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) Test: Understand how your body burns calories at rest, crucial for effective weight management.


These assessments provide a solid foundation for your personalised fat loss or performance strategy, ensuring that every aspect of your programme is fine-tuned to your body’s unique needs.

Metabolism testing with box nutrition_edited.jpg

The 3-Hour Workout Week

Transform how you look and feel with our optional exercise workouts. Our 3 Hour Workout is an efficient approach is designed to ensure your clothes fit better and you look amazing, all while fitting seamlessly into your busy schedule. Exercise is entirely optional, allowing you to tailor your journey to your personal preferences and lifestyle


The Mobile App & Accountability Coaching

VIP Access to the Mobile App:

  • Say goodbye to endless Google searches. Our app provides you with the essential knowledge and tools you need, right at your fingertips, for a streamlined learning experience.

Next-Level 1:1 Accountability System:

  • Even on days when motivation is low, our accountability system ensures you stay on track. Personalised support means you're never alone in your fitness journey.


We are located in Box Nutrition & Performance in Hastingwood Business Park, Erdington, B24 9QR / Tel. 07860945336

Jack Braniff.jpg

Jack Braniff

  • Masters degree in exercise nutrition

  • Personal Trainer for over 15 years

  • Over 1000 metabolic tests completed

  • Helped 100's of men and women with both performance and fat loss transformations

Why Work With Us?

My name is Jack Braniff  and I'm the founder of Metabolic Birmingham.

The problem with nutrition and fat loss, is that there's almost too much information out there, which can make it incredibly difficult to know what to do! Having my Masters in exercise nutrition, I am able to breakdown the confusing science of nutrition into a clear action plan that gets results. I believe that true weight loss comes from making lifelong changes, not just from following a strict diet for a few weeks. 

I've been in the industry for over 10 years and helped 100's of men and women get results, as well completing over 1000 metabolic tests. I follow long term approach with my clients, helping them achieve a positive relationship with food and their bodies without sugar coating the facts of how to lose weight.

Metabolic is a fat loss programme specifically for those who:

  • For women over 30 who struggle to see results like they once did

  • Want to look and feel their best and get in awesome shape in 2024

  • Want to finally break the Yo Yo diet cycle

  • Want to eat more than 1200 calories without gaining weight

  • Want a plan that is unique to them and their individual needs

  • Are after more guidance with your training and nutrition

  • Want to improve your sleep and feel more energised

  • Don't want cut out all carbs

  • Not interested in cleanses or quick fixes

  • Want a sustainable diet that will lead to lasting change

Real People - Real Results

Who is it for?
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