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Metabolic 6-Week Fat Loss Accelerator

Ignite your health, fitness and fat loss

  • 1 h
  • 249 British pounds
  • Metabolic Birmingham @ (Box Nutrition)

Service Description

Jumpstart your fat loss journey with our Metabolic 6-Week Fat Loss Accelerator, a comprehensive program designed to optimise your metabolism, streamline your nutrition, and elevate your fitness, all while providing the support you need to achieve and maintain your goals. This all-encompassing package includes: RMR (Metabolism) Test: Begin with a detailed Resting Metabolic Rate test to understand how your body processes energy, laying the groundwork for a personalised fat loss strategy. InBody Body Fat Test: Utilise the precision of the InBody scan to measure body fat and lean muscle mass, providing a baseline to track your progress throughout the program. Comprehensive Nutrition Audit: Dive into your current eating habits with a thorough audit, identifying areas for improvement and strategies to enhance your nutrition. Tailored Nutrition Plan: Receive a customised nutrition plan based on your metabolic rate, body composition, and lifestyle, designed to maximise fat loss while nourishing your body. Access to the Phone App: Stay connected and motivated with our exclusive app, offering easy tracking of your nutrition, workouts, and progress at your fingertips. Your Personal Accountability Coach: Benefit from the dedicated support of your personal accountability coach, who will guide you through the program, offering expert advice, motivation, and adjustments as needed. Exercise Plan for In-House or At-Home (The 3-Hour Workout Week): Whether you prefer to exercise at home or in a facility, receive a tailored exercise plan that requires just 3 hours per week, designed to complement your nutrition plan and accelerate fat loss. This package is crafted for those ready to make a significant impact on their health and body composition, offering a holistic approach to fat loss that combines scientific insight with personalised support and guidance.

Contact Details

  • Box Nutrition & Performance (PT Studio & Nutritionist)/Metabolic Birmingham, Wood Lane, Birmingham, UK

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